2021 Admitted Student Information


We are excited to welcome you to our 2021 Arts & Sciences Pre-College Programs! This web page includes information about the next steps in registration, orientation, purchasing textbooks, and information about the remote learning environment.

As a reminder, all 2021 programs will be offered remotely this summer. All course work and enrichment activities will take place online. For an overview of program schedules, please visit your individual program web page and select the learn more link under the "2021 Courses and Schedule" section.

Please be sure to read the information below very carefully. Per interim University policy, our office is working remotely, so please email us at precollege@wustl.edu with any questions.


Registration Form

Please select your program below to download your registration form:

Course Selection

Students in our for credit programs, High School Summer Scholars, Early College Scholars, and High School Summer Academy, need to indicate on their registration form what courses they wish to enroll. Course listings are posted on individual program web pages (select the learn more link under the "2021 Courses and Schedule" section to view course listings). We also encourage you to review Advice for Choosing Courses article on our website. Please be sure you are paying very close attention to synchronicity when making course selections. Synchronous courses have set meeting times which are in the Central Standard Time Zone. The expectation is that you are attending these courses as they are scheduled.

Returning Your Registration Form

Your registration form needs to be completed, signed by a parent, and returned to our office along by May 3, 2021 at 11:59pm CST (For second round admits the deadline is: May 14 at 11:59pm). The parent signature must be a hard signature. It cannot be typed or be a general pdf signature. You may email, fax, or secure upload your registration form as follows:

  • To return your registration form via email, please send as a pdf attachment to precollege@wustl.edu. We cannot accept jpeg or png registration files.
  • To return your registration form via fax, please send to (314) 696-0565 attention to "A&S Pre-College Programs"
  • To secure upload your registration form click on the upload box below to select the file and upload. The file should be a pdf. We cannot accept jpeg or png registration files.

Nonrefundable Deposit

A nonrefundable deposit is required to process your registration. The nonrefundable deposit will hold your place in the program and is deducted from the total program fee due. The nonrefundable deposit is due May 3, 2021 at 11:59pm CST along with your registration form (For second round admits the deadline is: May 14 at 11:59pm). Nonrefundable deposits are as follows:

  • Middle School Summer Challenge: $100 nonrefundable deposit
  • Exploration Courses, Creative Immersion Institute, and Healthcare Continuum Institute: $300 nonrefundable deposit
  • High School Summer Academy, High School Summer Scholars Program, and Early College Scholars Program: $500 nonrefundable deposit

Invoice for Balance Due

On May 7, you will receive an invoice via email for the remaining balance due June 1, 2021 at 11:59pm CST. We will send a reminder on May 28.

Confirming Registration

On May 7, you will receive an email confirming your registration and course selection.

WUSTL Login and Password

For high school students, on May 31, you will receive an email that will include information to set-up your unique WashU username (called a WUSTL key) and password. This step will need to be completed by June 7 at 11:59pm.

Registration FAQ

I was admitted to one program, but I would like to switch to a different program. Can I switch programs?

  • You will need to contact our office with your request. If a spot is available in the other program, your application will be reviewed for admission to that program. We do not automatically switch students between programs.

I received a full scholarship, do I still need to pay the nonrefundable deposit?

  • If you received a full scholarship, you do not need to pay the nonrefundable deposit.

I am a high school student, why do I have to provide my Social Security Number?

  • WashU creates student accounts based on Social Security Numbers. In order to enroll you in course work, we must create a student account for you. (For individuals who are not U.S. citizens, a unique identification number will be assigned to you).


Making a Payment

Per interim University policy, our office is currently working remotely and is only able to process credit card payments. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

When you are ready to pay your nonrefundable deposit or balance, you may access our secure online payment system for credit card payments here. Once you click on the link, you will select the program you are attending, enter your payment amount, and then complete the rest of the required fields. Please be very careful to select the correct program when making your payment. 

Cancellation Policy

Should unforeseen circumstances require you to cancel your registration for the program, you must provide you intent to cancel in writing to precollege@wustl.edu by June 7, 2021 at 11:59pm CST to receive a 100% refund excluding the nonrefundable deposit. If a student cancels after June 7, they will receive a 50% refund excluding the nonrefundable deposit.

In the event that the University decides to cancel a summer program or course, students will receive a full refund of the program fee including the nonrefundable deposit if they choose not to enroll in another course or program. 

WashU is not responsible for reimbursing costs not included in the program fee including travel expenses, textbooks, technology expenses, or personal expenses.

Please note, application fees are nonrefundable.


On May 31, we will open the Pre-College Community (for high school participants) and on June 7 open the Middle School Summer Challenge courses in Canvas. Students will receive email notifications to join these Canvas communities. Included in these Canvas communities, will be orientation materials and required activities for each student to complete before the start of summer. The deadline to complete the orientation and required activities is June 13, 2021 at 11:59pm

Required activities include:

  • Completion of Orientation module.
  • Reviewing and agreeing to the program Code of Conduct.
  • Reviewing and agreeing to the Academic Integrity Policy.
  • Completion of an Academic Reflection Pre-Survey.


Credit Programs

High School Summer Academy, High School Summer Scholars Program, and Early College Scholars Program

You can visit the Campus Bookstore to view and purchase books online. Textbook information is typically posted 2 weeks before your class start date. Don’t be alarmed if a textbook isn’t listed for your course. Some instructors don’t use textbooks or will wait to share textbook information with you until the first day of classes.

For summer, sections are listed on the bookstore website as follows:

  • High School Summer Academy and Early College Scholars Session I are listed as Section 21
  • High School Summer Scholars Program and Early College Scholars Session II are listed as Section 41
  • Early College Scholars: Language, Arts, and Culture are listed as either Section 31 or 51. (contact our office if you need assistance identifying which section your course falls into)

Noncredit Programs

Healthcare Continuum Institute, Creative Immersion Institute, Exploration Courses, and Middle School Summer Challenge

Textbooks are not required for these programs.

Remote Learning FAQ

We are committed to providing an excellent online experience for our students. Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding remote learning. We also encourage you to read How to Be Successful in a Virtual Environment: Part 1 and Part 2 to help you prepare for your remote WashU experience.

What do I need to have at home to participate in remote programming?

You will need a computer (or tablet) and Wi-Fi, and access to a camera and microphone. We do not recommend the use of a cell phone only to participate in our programs.

What platform does WashU use for remote programming?

WashU uses Canvas for our learning management system. Via Canvas, instructors will also utilize Zoom, Kaltura, and other applications for instruction.

I live in the St. Louis area, can I come to campus to study?

Local students won't be permitted to study on campus.

What does asynchronous mean? Do I get to just complete the course whenever I want?

For programs and courses that are offered asynchronously, this means that you will have daily/weekly assignments to demonstrate engagement in material rather than viewing live lectures each day. You are expected to log into the course daily beginning on the first day of class and check your WashU email for regular communication from the instructor.

These courses should not be confused with “on demand” or “self-paced” courses. You are expected to be engaged participants and complete all assignments by the designated deadlines.

Can I miss a few days of my program due to other commitments?

We expect you to commit to the full length of the program to schedule other commitments when the program is not in session.