2023 Application Preview

A guide to submitting your Pre-College application

Thank you for your interest in applying to one of our high school residential programs. Our pre-college application process includes many of the same elements as an application for undergraduate studies, so it's a great way to gain valuable skills and knowledge. 

This web page tutorial was created to help guide you through account creation and application submission. It can be a useful tool before and during the pre-college application process and takes about 15 minutes to review. If you would rather skip the tutorial and get started on your application, click the "Skip Tutorial" button below to jump to the bottom of this guide and access the link to get started on your application.

Skip Tutorial

If you've already created an account and/or submitted an application, check your email for a confirmation message which includes the link to log in and check your application status. 

If you are registering for one of our year-round programs, Early College Scholars Program or Exploration Courses, you will want to visit those respective web pages for information about submitting your registration request. This guide is only for applying to our high school summer residential programs which include:

    Before You Start Your Application

      1. Check the eligibility requirements for the program to which you are applying. Be sure you meet any specific criteria.
      2. You may only apply to ONE program. You may not submit an application for multiple programs, so be sure you are choosing the program that aligns with your academic goals.
      3. Gather contact information for your recommender. You'll need their name (first and last), email, and phone number. You'll also be prompted to enter an organization for your recommender which should be your high school name. Remember: you only need to submit ONE teacher recommendation. We do not accept multiple teacher recommendations for an applicant. The teacher needs to be an academic subject teacher (i.e. math, science, social science, English, etc) and should not be a school counselor, mentor, or coach.
      4. Obtain an unofficial copy of your school transcript. The unofficial copy needs to include your name, high school name, and all grades earned to date. 
      5. We do not accept SAT, ACT, or AP scores so you do not need to obtain copies of those. We also do not accept resumes.
      6. You need to have a non-school email account like a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. Do not use a school email address to create your account. It also needs to be your email address, not a parent/guardian's email. 

      If at any point you have questions, you may contact us at precollege@wustl.edu

      Creating an Account

      We use Slate by Technolutions for our application. To begin the application you'll need to create an account. When you click on the "Let's Get Started" link at the bottom of this web page, you'll see this screen:

      You'll select "Create an Account" and then be prompted to provide your email address, first name, last name, and birthdate. Enter this information then select "Continue."

      You will receive an email with a temporary PIN which you will use to verify your email address. You'll enter that PIN and reenter your birthdate and select "Login."

      Then you'll be prompted to create a password using the criteria provided. Be sure you save your password for future use. Click "Set Password."

      You've now successfully created an account! You'll receive an email notification that your account has been successfully created.

      Start Your Application

      Once your account is created you'll start your application. While logged into your account, you'll select "Start a New Application."

      A text box will open that indicates the application available as the "Summer 2023 Arts & Sciences Pre-College Program Application." Click "Create Application."

      Another text box will open which will include the date and your status of "In Progress." Click "Open Application."

      Now you are ready to start entering your information into your application.

      Entering Information Into Your Application

      The application contains several sections:

      • Personal Information
      • Personal Information Continued
      • Geography and Nationality
      • Family Information
      • Academic History
      • Program/Essays
      • Recommender Request
      • Fee Waiver and Scholarship Assistance
      • Signature
      • Review

      You will start with "Personal Information" and click through each section by choosing "Continue" at the bottom of each page. Your application will automatically save as you enter information.

      Take your time and read the questions and prompts very carefully. Depending upon your response to some questions, you may be prompted to provide additional information. 

      We will occasionally send SMS/Text messages to you for application reminders. You have the ability to opt out of those text messages by selecting the box in the "Personal Information (Continued)" section. Leave the box unchecked if you want to receive text message reminders.

      For the "Family Information" section we require you submit information for at least one parent/guardian. Click "Add New" and a text box will appear to add parent/guardian information. Enter the required information and click "Save." You can add multiple parent/guardians.

      The "Academic History" section is where you will add your high school information. You will select "Add New" and then complete the required questions and click "Save." Please only provide us current high school information.

      Next you will select your program and submit your essays in the "Program/Essay" section. Choose the program you are applying for from the drop down menu. If you are applying to the High School Summer Scholars Program, you will also be asked how many courses you plan to enroll.

      Your program selection will then add your required essay questions to your application. Every applicant must write a response to the prompt "What traits or abilities do you possess that would make you successful at a WashU Pre-College Program?" You will also receive a custom question based on your program selection:

      • High School Summer Scholars Program: Which aspects of the WashU curriculum prompted your application? In short, why WashU?
      • High School Summer Launch: Pick a quote that describes a lot about you, and explain why you connect with it.
      • High School Summer Academy: If you had unlimited funds and resources, what kind of research project would you pursue and why?
      • Creative Immersion Institute: What extracurricular activity, interest, or hobby has best prepared you for participation in the Creative Immersion Institute?
      • Healthcare Continuum Institute: What is most important issue in healthcare today? Why?
      • Environmental Studies Institute: What topic(s) in the field of environmental studies/science most interest you? Why?

      Each of your essays must be at least 100 words and no more than 250. Word counters are provided.

      Next you will enter your recommender's information in the "Recommender Request" section. Click "Add New" and you'll receive a text box to submit your recommender's information. Click "Send to Recommender" when finished. Please only add information for ONE recommender. We will not review multiple recommendations for an applicant. Your recommender will automatically receive an email once you click "Send to Recommender." Even if you aren't ready to submit the rest of your application, we recommend entering your recommender information as soon as possible to give your recommender enough time to complete the recommendation form.

      The next section is "Fee Waiver and Scholarship Assistance." You can use the "Learn More" links to learn more about fee waiver eligibility and scholarship assistance. Please provide responses to these questions and the click "Continue." If you respond "Yes" that you are submitting a scholarship application, this will be automatically added to your portal (more on your portal in a moment).

      Now you have finished entering your information! You will be sent to a "Signature" page where you will enter your name in the box agreeing to the application clause. You'll then select "Confirm." 

      The final step is to "Review" your application. If you've forgotten any required information it will show up on this section of the application, and you can go back to complete the missing items. You can also click "Save for Later."

      When you are ready you'll click "Submit Application." Once you click "Submit Application," you may not make any changes to your application, so be 100% certain you are ready to submit when you click this button.

      You did it! Nice work submitting your application. Now it's time for the next steps!

      Submitting Your Supplemental Information

      Once you click "Submit Application" you will be redirected to your account or portal. This portal is where you will see the checklist of items needed to complete the review of your application. You will submit your application fee and upload your transcript through your portal. You can check the status of your teacher recommendation and find information on submitting your TOEFL iBT score if you are an international student. You can also submit your scholarship application here as well. The deadline for all supplemental information to be submitted is April 3, 2023.

      You will receive an email once you submit your application that will provide you a link to access the portal. Be sure to keep this email for future reference.

      We will send a few email and text reminders after you submit your application about any missing supplemental materials, but it is your responsibility to check your portal for completion.

      Notification of Admission

      Admission and scholarship decisions will be released by end of day on April 6, 2023. You'll receive an email once your admission decision has been posted in your portal. If admitted, you'll then receive directions on paying your deposit, confirming enrollment, and submitting registration forms.

      Ready to Apply?

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