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2021 College Readiness Certificate Recipients


We are thrilled to announce the list of students earning the Arts & Sciences Pre-College Programs College Readiness Certificate for the 2021 summer.

To earn the certificate, these students completed all six summer learning badges: Become a Leader, Discovering Diversity, Be Well, Give Back, Invest in Yourself and Critical Thinker. In addition to readings and discussions with peers, students were required to complete six separate projects: 1) an interview with a leader that inspires them, 2) a research proposal for a new app, 3) an essay on a social movement of their choice, 4) a series of mindfulness challenges, 5) a service project, and 6) a reflective collage project. Students completed these tasks in addition to their program course work and other summer obligations. We are very proud of this impressive group of pre-college students!

  • Abagale Berger
  • Claire Burmester
  • Yoonho Cho
  • Connor Gusky
  • Sophia Pokorney
  • Sage Reagan
  • Abram Schisler
  • Nevin Song


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