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Instructor Spotlight: Maria Waggoner

Maria Waggoner is a PhD candidate from Washington University in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology. Maria is currently working on the final touches of her dissertation, while conducting psychology research in a lab at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, MI.  Maria's research focuses on the explanation for why people vary in their moral judgments and when it is virtuous to take moral advice from others.

In recent years, Maria has taught several applied ethics courses, such as Bioethics and Business Ethics.  Previous to her graduate studies at Wash U, Maria taught philosophy at the high school level.  She gets particularly excited about introducing and trying to answer new and challenging questions to students about the important things in life!

For fun, Maria enjoys trail running, backpacking, and baking.  Maria approaches her work and leisure in an inquisitive and reflective manner, finding herself pondering about whether beautiful nature is evidence for God's existence, whether her running is forming her in virtue or vice, and whether straying from recipes while baking is indicative of expertise or recklessness.


Maria will be teaching the 2023 Exploration Course: What Should I Believe and Why?.

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