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Instructor Spotlight: Ryadah Heiskell

Ryadah Heiskell graduated from Washington University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and African and African American Studies, and a Modern Dance minor.

Ryadah has been involved in the WashU and St. Louis community in a number of ways. She has worked with non-profits in the area focusing on youth development, social-emotional learning, college preparedness, and college admissions.  

At WashU, Ryadah has worked with A&S Pre-College Programs, Undergraduate Admissions, and now works in the Performing Arts Department. Most of her “free” time is spent in rehearsals as Assistant Director and Choreographer for WashU’s resident dance company, WashU Dance Collective, or in rehearsals, classes, or competitions with the local dance studio where she teaches and choreographs for students from ages 5-18. 

Ryadah is interested in the intersection of community building and leadership. More specifically, how team building and a sense of community help define leadership and vice versa. In most of her professional work where leadership has played a significant role, she has used relationship building as the basis of her work, which helps support a specific and situational leadership approach, allowing her to tailor her support to each person or team. 


Ryadah will be instructing leadership and team collaboration workshops for our 2022 Middle School Summer Challenge and High School Summer Launch programs.