Instructor Spotlight: Sophie Su

Sophie Su is a Ph.D. student at Washington University in Psychological and Brain Sciences.

After graduating from Cornell University with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Economics, Sophie worked as a research associate at Haskins lab using genetic-imaging to explore the bio-markers of developmental dyslexia.

Sophie’s research at WashU focuses on combining computational modeling, neuroimaging techniques, and behavioral experiments to understand how people perceive and comprehend continuous and complex events effortlessly. In other words, Sophie is exploring how people extract useful information in this noisy, ambiguous, and dynamic world.

For fun, Sophie enjoys baking. Like her research, she is interested in why a recipe works and tests her hypothesis by conducting semi-controlled experiments.

This will be Sophie’s first summer teaching in the A&S pre-college programs and she is excited about sharing how various disciplines, such as math, neuroscience, and psychology, come together to solve the mystery of our minds, brains, and behavior.


Sophie will be teaching the 2022 STEM Challenge course for Middle School Summer Challenge.