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Staff Spotlight: Kayce Sorbello

Kayce Sorbello from St. Charles, Missouri

Pre-College Program Participation:

  • 2017-Residential Program Assistant for High School Summer Institutes
  • 2017-Teaching Assistant for the Global Leadership Institute
  • 2019-Program Supervisor
  • 2020-Remote Program Supervisor

What is your favorite part about working with our programs?

My favorite part about working with Pre-College Programs is supporting students and watching them flourish as they have the opportunity to grow in their professional development as well as explore new personal relationships in their time with us. Not only are they academically challenged, learn more about their academic interests, and collaborate with college-level instructors, but they get to interact with students from all over the world who have diverse experiences from their own. Students often utilize the staff as resources to navigate this unique environment, which has certainly been a rewarding task.

What do you believe is the most important takeaway for students?

For so many of our students, the time they spend with WashU is a time of great personal, academic, and professional growth. While it is common for participants in our programs to have specific academic interests and ideas about college at the start of their course(s), they often leave with new, redefined perspectives. I believe students leave our programs understanding of the importance of keeping an open mind, exploring avenues and ideas they had previously never considered.

What has this job taught you?

This job has taught me many things, but primarily has helped me learn how to support students with varying needs. Some students are very self-sufficient, having attended multiple pre-college programs while others have never left home and have received very little guidance on how to navigate this environment. It is important that each student receive a more personalized approach when assisting them in their development of the Ten College Readiness Skills. This job has taught me how to meet students where they're at to help them maximize their success.

What would you like potential staff to know about working with our programs?

This job is the perfect balance of professional development and personal fulfillment. I have grown in so many ways professionally through my various roles with this program, but I always have fun doing it. The work you do with WashU Pre-College Programs is incredibly important and meaningful, but it has never felt like "work" to me - it's always felt like an opportunity to have fun and learn. It also helps that you get to work alongside a diverse group of people that are constantly bringing unique ideas and perspectives to the team - never a dull moment!



Kayce graduated from WashU in 2019 majoring in International and Area Studies with a minor in Anthropology. Kayce spent the year after graduating working with Project Peanut Butter in Sierra Leone and is now an admission counselor with WashU Undergraduate Admissions.

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