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Academic Success

Supporting academic growth

Pre-College Academic Experience

Whether students choose to attend a for credit or noncredit program the academic benefits are the same. Students gain invaluable experience managing time, studying for exams, writing papers, and collaborating with peers. All of our programs and courses are taught by WashU affiliated instructors which include faculty, graduate students, post docs, and adjuncts from across campus disciplines and research fields in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and math. Our pre-college office works closely with instructors to ensure an excellent student academic experience.

Programs and courses may include lectures, discussions, and group work. Our pre-college programs are not summer camp. Students should expect any combination of daily assignments, readings, exams, quizzes, papers, and presentations. The pace in the summer can be quite accelerated so students should come prepared to be engaged participants focused on their academic pursuits. Students who are collaborative, intellectually curious, and creative thinkers thrive in our programs.

At the conclusion of course work, program participation will be recorded and grades earned become part of a student's record at WashU. Transcripts are available upon request.

Through our challenging and innovative programs and courses, students can expect to:

  • Gain confidence in their knowledge of the subject matter of their respective program or course.
  • Identify more readily when academic support is needed and how to access resources.
  • Build confidence when interacting with professors, peers and other professionals.

Academic Support

Here are some of the ways we support our students' academic success.

Drop-in Advising

Need help with an assignment? Advice on how to talk with your instructor? Trouble with a group project? All questions are welcome at drop-in advising. These sessions are designed to provide individualized support with time management, speaking with instructors, understanding the syllabus, and program/course expectations.

Study Groups and Tutoring

Study groups promote peer communication and enhance understanding of course material. We recognize that some students may have individualized academic needs whether it be help with study strategies, note taking, or understanding course content and offer individualized tutoring sessions.

Specialized Workshops

Specialized workshops support students in general essay writing, presentation skills, and project preparation.

This experience has created a domino effect in the understanding and planning of my future. The college courses fueled my motivation. As a result, my time management and study skills strengthened. It's been an impactful journey, and this domino effect will definitely carry throughout my path towards higher education. Now, more than ever, I'm exhilarated to begin new chapters of my life and impact the world with the skills I now own.

―Ngonerising senior from St. Louis, Missouri