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Academic Success


All of our programs and courses are taught by WashU affiliated instructors which include faculty, graduate students, post docs, and adjuncts. Our office works closely with instructors to ensure an excellent student academic experience.

Our academic supervisor acts as an advisor and mentor for our pre-college students. They organize tutoring services and create special skill workshops based on student needs. They stay in close contact with instructors and monitor the academic performance of students to provide additional guidance and support as needed.

One-on-one Support

We know that attending a pre-college program can be an exciting, but sometimes challenging experience. We also recognize that each student will have their own individual needs during the program. We have a team of WashU undergraduate program assistants that are present throughout the day to lead specialized activities and provide academic support and mentoring. Students meet regularly with their program assistant to discuss questions and concerns, provide insight on campus resources, and encourage social involvement. For our residential students, program assistants lead specialized academic and social activities on nights and weekends.

Credit Course Information

High School Summer Scholars Program, Early College Scholars and High School Summer Academy

Summer credit courses include as much material as regular semester courses. When offered during the school year, courses are given over 16 weeks so the pace during the summer is quite accelerated. Students should plan on spending 2-3 hours working outside of class for every hour spent in class. Because missing one summer class is equivalent to missing well over a half week of a semester course, attendance is extremely important and will be monitored. Students can expect lectures, discussions, and small group work; the amount of each of these will vary by course. All courses will have daily and weekly assignments, nightly readings as well as a final assessment which may include a paper, exam, or presentation. All courses are graded.

It is important to note that these are not courses designed for high school students, but rather regular WashU undergraduate courses. Courses may include pre-college, WashU undergraduates, and visiting students.

Noncredit Course Information

High School Summer Institutes, Exploration Courses and Middle School Summer Challenge

Our noncredit programs are designed to provide rigorous academic exploration without the pressure of a grade. Students should still expect regular classroom activities such as lectures, small group work, and discussion. Students will have daily and weekly assignments, nightly readings, and final projects. Attendance at all sessions is required and will be monitored. Noncredit courses do not receive a grade. Students who successfully complete all course expectations will receive a certificate of completion.


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Academic Support Groups

Regular academic support groups provide an opportunity for students enrolled in the same courses and programs to meet and discuss issues outside of the classroom. These groups are designed to assist with time management as well as understanding the syllabus and expectations. These groups also aid in identifying students who may need tutoring or other additional support during the program.


We recognize that some students may have individualized academic needs whether it be help with study strategies, note taking, or understanding course content. We offer each student up to two hours of tutoring per week during the program. In addition, specialized workshops are available to support students in essay writing, presentation skills, and project preparation.

Grades and Transcripts

At the conclusion of each program, participation in the program will be recorded and become part of a student's record at WashU. Students enrolled in for credit courses may request an official transcript of grades earned to be sent to any school to which they are applying for undergraduate admission. Requests should be made through the Office of the University Registrar. If a student is applying for undergraduate admission to WashU, they will need to send a copy of their transcript to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Students in our noncredit programs will receive an official certificate of completion.