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Academic Success

Through our challenging and innovative programming, students can expect to:

  • Gain confidence in their knowledge of the subject matter of their respective program(s) or course(s).
  • Identify more readily when academic support is needed and how to access resources.
  • Build confidence when interacting with professors, peers and other professionals.


All of our programs and courses are taught by WashU affiliated instructors which include faculty, graduate students, post docs, and adjuncts. Our office works closely with instructors to ensure an excellent student academic experience.

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Instructor Spotlight: René Esparza

Get to know our dedicated pre-college instructors.

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Instructor Spotlight: Anthony Smith

Get to know our dedicated pre-college instructors.

Academic Support

Drop-In Advising

Need help with an assignment? Advice on how to talk with your instructor? Trouble with a group project? All questions are welcome at drop-in advising. These sessions are designed to provide individualized support with time management, speaking with instructors, understanding the syllabus, and program/course expectations. These sessions also aid in identifying students who may need tutoring or other additional support during the program. 

Tutoring, Study Groups, and Specialized Workshops

Our program supervisors stay in close contact with instructors and monitor the academic performance of students to provide guidance and support as needed. We recognize that some students may have individualized academic needs whether it be help with study strategies, note taking, or understanding course content. We offer each student up to two hours of tutoring per week during the program. In addition, specialized workshops are made available to support students in general essay writing, presentation skills, and project preparation. We also organize study groups to promote peer communication and enhance understanding of course material.


We are committed to providing academic support to enable all students to experience growth in their academic abilities.

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