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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you require SAT or ACT scores?

We do not require any standardized test scores for our pre-college programs.

Does my transcript have to be an official copy from the school?

No. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable as long as they include your name, school, and all grades received to date. We do not require that the transcript be sent from the school, so you may submit your transcript to our office directly. You will receive information about how to upload your transcript once you submit your application.

How do I submit my teacher recommendation?

Once you submit your application you will receive directions on submitting your supplemental information. You will receive a link to the teacher recommendation form which you will send to your teacher and ask to complete on your behalf.

We do not accept teacher recommendations before a program application is submitted.

I don't meet the year in school requirement for a program I'm interested in applying to, what should I do?

For students who do not meet the year in school eligibility requirement for a program, we encourage you to reach out to our office before submitting an application, but you are welcome to still apply to the program of your choice. We may ask for additional supplemental information based on your academic record.

I am a home schooled student, can I still apply?

We welcome home schooled students into our programs. We ask that your teacher recommendation be completed by an individual who can speak to your academic abilities, and is preferably not the parent. If you have done any study elsewhere, that instructor or tutor would be a good source for a recommendation. We're looking specifically for someone who can comment on your level of maturity as well as your academic and personal abilities.

As for the transcript, you may submit a list of the courses taken with final grades and your parent's certification of mastery. 

How do you review applications?

We take a holistic approach to the application review process in order to understand each student’s educational aspirations and academic readiness to ensure the student can thrive at WashU. 

We review all applications after the deadline. Submitting early does not affect a student's admission decision. However we do encourage you to apply early to ensure all of your supplemental information is received by the deadline of April 1.

Will attending one of these programs help me get into WashU for undergraduate studies?

It is important to note that acceptance into one of our programs does not guarantee acceptance into WashU. We do send a list of students who successfully completed our programs to the admissions office at the end of each summer, and participation is noted in admission files and students receive a fee waiver for the undergraduate application. 

Can I apply to multiple programs?

Students are not permitted to submit applications for multiple programs. We ask that students choose instead the program that best fits their educational goals and submit an application for that program.


Is the credit earned in the for credit programs transferrable?

Upon completion of for credit course work, students may request a transcript from WashU that will list their coursework and grades earned. Every university has its own pre-matriculation transfer credit policy and we encourage students to do their research as they make future plans. For current guidelines on pre-matriculation credit at WashU, please review the Pre-Matriculation Units section of the WashU Bulletin.

If students intend to use credit earned for high school graduation requirements, that must be arranged by the student with their high school. 

What are the class and program sizes?

Programs range from 50-100 students. Within each individual course, class size can vary between 5-30 students depending upon the course.


For more information on program fees, scholarships, and cancellation policy please visit Fees and Scholarships.

Do you offer scholarship assistance?

We do have need-based scholarships available for our summer programs. In order to be considered for a scholarship, you must complete an Application for Scholarship Assistance and submit to our office by the April 1 deadline. For more information on scholarships please visit Fees and Scholarships.


I am a WashU employee, can I use my tuition benefit for these programs?

It is possible for employees to use their WashU tuition benefit to help pay for the for credit programs. You are only allowed eight semesters worth of tuition assistance per child and our programs would count as one of those semesters. Please contact the Office of Human Resources for further information. Our noncredit programs are not eligible for this tuition benefit.

We do offer a 10% discount to all admitted students of benefits-eligible WashU employees. In order to qualify for the discount, a student must be admitted to an eligible program and be a dependent child both by relation (birth, legally adopted, or step-child) and financially to a benefits-eligible WashU employee. For more information on the employee discount please visit Fees and Scholarships.

Do you offer an application fee waiver?

We are happy to waive the $40 application fee when it presents a financial hardship. Please contact our office to receive directions on submitting a fee waiver request form.

Do you offer travel stipends?

Our need-based scholarships do not include travel to and from the program.

Remote Learning

What do I need to have at home to participate in remote programming?

We recommend students have a computer and Wi-Fi, and access to a camera and microphone. We do not recommend the use of a cell phone only to participate in these courses.

What platform does WashU use for remote programming?

WashU uses Canvas for our learning management system. Via Canvas, instructors will also utilize Zoom, Kaltura, and other applications for instruction.

I'm from St. Louis, can I come to campus to study?

Local students won't be permitted to study on campus.

What does asynchronous mean? Do I get to just complete the course whenever I want?

For courses that are offered asynchronously, this means that students will have daily/weekly assignments to demonstrate engagement in material rather than viewing live lectures each day. Students are expected to log into the course daily beginning on the first day of class and check their WashU email for regular communication from the instructor.

These courses should not be confused with “on demand” or “self-paced” courses. Students are expected to be engaged participants and complete all assignments by the designated deadlines.

Can I miss a few days of my program due to other commitments?

We strongly encourage students to commit to the full length of the program and to schedule other commitments when the program is not in session. Missing any part of the program can impact the student's experience and academic performance. 

What support is provided for the online programs?

We hire a team of program staff to support students in remote learning. All staff have passed federal background checks and participate in a training program designed for working with and supporting youth. Our staff provide academic support; plan social, educational, and cultural activities; and ensure the rules and regulations of the program are followed.

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