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2024 Fall Exploration Course Registration is Open

Registration is open for our 2024 Fall Exploration Courses! These online courses are ideal for students who are looking for the flexibility of an online experience and interested in building confidence in college-level course work. They are also a great way to supplement an academic portfolio.

Choose from two course options this spring:

  • Biological Basis for Human Disease: Have you ever wondered how a normal cell becomes cancer?  Where does a virus go inside the body to cause symptomatic infection?  Why is insulin a life-saving treatment for millions of people around the world?  The answers to these questions (and more) are rooted in the biology of human health and disease.  This course will provide a foundational framework to better understand the pathophysiology of human disease, incorporating elements of molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, immunology, and pathology.  This multi-disciplinary approach is specifically designed for students interested in the biological sciences or those interested in pursuing a future in the health sciences.
  • Research Development: This introductory course is designed for students to hone critical thinking and develop their research abilities. Students will explore a specific academic interest or field of study and discover new knowledge through university-level research. Students will learn to apply different research techniques through a series of mini-projects and applications, conducting research outside the classroom and engaging users and experts to share their perspectives on research. Students will acquire a toolkit of useful research techniques and problem-solving strategies and also develop a disciplined style of thinking that is both creative and logical.

Scholarship assistance is available. Space is limited in these courses, so we encourage you not to wait until the August 19, 2024 deadline to submit your registration.

Register today!