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College Readiness

Our programs offer a variety of enrichment opportunities to support students with the college application process and to prepare them for success, both inside and outside of the classroom. Students in our programs can expect to:

  • Gain confidence in the college application and financial aid process. 
  • Gain further insight into choosing a college, major, or professional track. 
  • Learn to balance academic responsibilities with social life. 
  • Learn to make healthy living decisions. 
  • Discover opportunities for educational engagement outside of the classroom. 
  • Learn about the opportunities and resources available to undergraduates at WashU. 
  • Develop further independent living, time management, self-reflection, and decision-making skills. 

Beyond the Classroom

We offer a variety of college readiness enrichment activities open to all high school participants. Activities are held on WashU's campus and are led by current WashU students, faculty, and staff. These activities are a great compliment to our academic and community programming, and aid students in their skill development outside of the classroom. All of these activities are optional to attend. Students can choose to attend all activities or only the ones that most interest them.

Summer Enrichment

    College Coffee Chats

    Want to know how to effectively network with top school officials? Need advice for an upcoming interview? Curious about the financial aid process? Wondering who you should ask as a recommender? Answer these questions and more as you share a coffee (or tea) with a member of our WashU community. These informal Q&A sessions with WashU faculty and staff provide students the opportunity to ask specific questions regarding their college search and application process.

    College Advising Workshops

    These sessions are designed to provide students with personalized advice on important college application topics including college search, essays, resumes, and interviews. 

    College Forums

    One of our most popular activities, College Forums are "town hall style" events where undergraduate and graduate students share their personal college journeys and provide valuable advice on how to balance social and academic life, applying to college, and college readiness. Past College Forum topics have included: Your Senior Year, Choosing a College Major, and Transitioning from High School to College.

    Learning Badges and College Readiness Certificate

    College readiness skill development is the foundation for all our programming. Throughout their day to day activities (classes, program activities, and interactions with faculty and staff), students are developing the skills to be successful in college. Our Learning Badges curriculum is an extension of that daily learning. Through online, interactive discussions and projects, students dive deeper into specific topics such as leadership, diversity, and wellness while further developing key college readiness skills such as communication, cultural understanding, and self-reflection. Students receive a digital badge once they've completed the activities assigned to that badge. Our current Learning Badges are: Become a Leader, Give Back, Be Well, Invest in Yourself, Critical Thinker, and Discovering Diversity. Students who complete all six Learning Badges will earn a College Readiness Certificate. 

    Reflection Essay Contest

    Learning how to self-reflect is an essential college readiness skill. Our Reflection Essay Contest offers students the opportunity to reflect on their program experience. To enter, students choose one program activity and write one 250-300 word single-spaced essay. In the essay, they must reflect on why they believe this activity had relevance to the development of their college preparedness. 

    We provide an introduction to the undergraduate experience.

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