College Readiness

Prepare for success both inside and outside of the classroom

Beyond the Classroom

Throughout their daily activities, students in our programs are developing the skills to be successful in college. And while academic readiness is key, we also believe that social and emotional preparedness is just as important. Students in our programs report significant growth in the following areas: critical thinking, self-advocacy, networking, independent living, time management, self-reflection, decision-making, group collaboration, communication, and cultural understanding. 

We create an environment that encourages exploration and self-reflection. This includes our support of students with the college search and application process. We understand that navigating this process can feel stressful, confusing, and sometimes overwhelming. Our team is committed to meeting students where they are in the process; whether that's helping research colleges, reading over personal essays, or connecting them to valuable on-campus resources. 

Through participation in our programs, students can expect to:

  • Experience growth in key college readiness skills.
  • Gain confidence in the college application and financial aid process. 
  • Discover opportunities for educational and personal enrichment outside of the classroom. 
The ‘life-changing’ power of Arts & Sciences programs for high school students

The ‘life-changing’ power of Arts & Sciences programs for high school students

College Readiness

Here are some of the ways we prepare students for college success.

College Coffee Chats

These informal Q&A sessions provide students the opportunity to ask specific questions regarding their college search and application process as they share a coffee with a member of our community.

College Advising Seminars and Workshops

These sessions are designed to provide students with personalized advice on important college application topics including college search, essays, resumes, and interviews. 

Lunch & Learns

These weekly virtual sessions hosted by our program staff provide insights into various aspects of college life and include helpful tips and strategies to support success. 

College Readiness Course

Through online, interactive discussions and projects, students dive deeper into specific topics such as leadership, diversity, and wellness while further developing key college readiness skills such as communication, cultural understanding, and self-reflection.

The biggest takeaway from attending a WashU pre-college program has definitely been my college readiness skills. I have taken AP classes in school, but this program has taken my learning and skills to a different level. I feel more confident navigating the college application process and the team at WashU has been so supportive.

―Ellenrising junior from Memphis, TN