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Alumni Spotlight: Self-Discovery

We are honored that so many of our A&S Pre-College Program participants go on to apply and attend WashU for undergraduate studies. In our Alumni Spotlight series, we introduce you to some of these exceptional students as they share insights and advice from their time in our programs.

Meet Carré Sadler! Carré is a junior at WashU majoring in English Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing. She attended the High School Summer Scholars Program the summer before her junior year in high school and returned to Pre-College Programs in 2021 as a program assistant. She is a founding member of NOIR, a storytelling affinity group and also serves as the Vice President of Questbridge Scholars. In between classes Carré can be found reading writing or baking her favorite treats. She hopes to enter publishing to market books for the next generation of young readers. 


What was your favorite part of the High School Summer Scholars Program?

My favorite part of the High School Summer Scholars Program was having a chance to visit attractions within St. Louis. I was surrounded with like-minded peers, so it was interesting seeing how we all had this shared experience, but each bought a unique perspective to the experience at the same time. It was fun to engage in the city and understand the real-world connections of the city and how it influenced the themes we discussed in class and even continued in our conversations in the dorms. It was my first experience to engaging within a college style environment and I cherish what I learned from the community.

What was your biggest take away from your time in the program?

My biggest take away from the program was the growth I experienced in my self-discovery. High school and college can be very different experiences, and I wanted to understand what was most valuable to me as I thought about how I would make that transition. The High School Summers program gave me insight to what a collaborative community looked like while also being there to support me through the challenges of adapting to the college environment. I learned about who I wanted to be in college and what skills I should develop to have that vision of myself come into fruition.

"I learned about who I wanted to be in college and what skills I should develop to have that vision of myself come into fruition."

What factors did attending the High School Summer Scholars Program play into your decision to attend WashU?

WashU became a place of familiarity after the High School Summer Scholars Program. I knew it was a campus I could thrive in academically, but also saw the potential of me learning so much more as I engaged with the larger community as well. I was able to realize that potential as we explored in St. Louis, but also as I realized my goals later in high school towards community building could be applied to the knowledge, I’d learned during the High School Summer Scholars program. I knew I wouldn’t have to compromise my commitment to community with the collaborative natured I’d grown accustomed to during the High School Summers Scholars program if I attended WashU.

What would you like potential students to know about attending our programs?

WashU Summer Programming gives you the space to determine how your interest align with the goals you have for yourself in a college environment. You learn how to be on your own, while also having a supportive community to guide you ask you figure out the experience you want for yourself. The summer programs embody the holistic experience at WashU, as you beginning to explore the balance between the different aspects of your life. The growth your experience over the summer leaves a lasting impact that influences how you continue your college readiness journey and beyond.

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