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We create a positive, collaborative community by implementing educational, cultural and social activities for all students. Students in our programs can expect to:

  • Understand the importance of community standards including the need for policies and procedures. 
  • Identify the role and impact of an individual within a community. 
  • Learn to be respectful of individuals who may identify differently. 
  • Gain confidence in the steps needed to resolve group conflict. 
  • Identify more readily when mental health support is needed and how to access resources. 
  • Develop further group collaboration, communication, cultural understanding and self-reflection skills. 

Code of Conduct

By deciding to attend one of our programs, students commit themselves to maintaining the highest academic and social standards. As a member of our community, students are expected to make a positive contribution by acting responsibly and by respecting the rights of other students, faculty, and staff. All of our students, and their parents or guardians, are asked to review and sign our Code of Conduct before registering to participate in our programs.

Building Community

Social Activities

Our programs offer more than an academic experience. Through fun and interactive social activities, our students learn how to build a community and respect each others' differences. 

Weekly Group Meetings

Weekly group meetings provide an opportunity for students to meet in small groups to discuss upcoming events, activities, and to share important announcements. Led by our program assistants, these groups also provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and address community concerns. 

One-on-one Support

We know that attending a pre-college program can be an exciting, but sometimes challenging experience. We also recognize that each student will have their own individual needs during the program. Students meet regularly with their program assistants to discuss questions and concerns, provide insight on campus resources, and encourage social involvement. 

Exploring St. Louis

At WashU, the  learning extends far beyond the campus' stone buildings. From conducting research in state-of-the art facilities, tutoring young students at area schools, and learning history and culture from some of the nation's best museums, St. Louis has so much to offer our students. 

Giving Back

WashU is a service-oriented community. Our students spend their free time volunteering and giving back to not just our St. Louis community, but communities around the world through a variety of campus organizations and departments. Each summer we organize a service project for our pre-college students to participate in and learn the importance of giving back to their community. 

Reflection Essay Contest

Learning how to self-reflect is an essential college readiness skill. Our Student Reflection Essay Contest offers students the opportunity to reflect on their program experience. To enter, students choose one program activity, lecture, memory, or event and write one 250-300 word single-spaced essay. In the essay, they must reflect on why they believe this activity had relevance to the development of their college preparedness. A selection of essays are chosen to be published in our pre-college publication “Reflections: A Collection of Student Essays” which is made available online and distributed to the WashU community. 


We create a safe, respectful environment for all students. 

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