Creating a safe, respectful environment for all

Our Pre-College Community

When we are part of a thriving community, we feel a sense of kinship, camaraderie and connectedness. This is why our programs offer so much more than an academic experience. They are opportunities for students to connect with peers from across the country and around the world, discover what it means to be part of a community, and learn to embrace each others' differences. Our programs create spaces for students to ask questions, make mistakes, try new things and learn in a supportive environment. 

By deciding to attend one of our programs, students commit themselves to maintaining the highest academic and social standards. As a member of our community, students are expected to make a positive contribution by acting responsibly and by respecting the rights of other students, faculty, and staff. Student expectations are outlined in our Code of Conduct.

Through our positive, collaborative community, students can expect to:

  • Understand the importance of community standards including the need for policies and procedures. 
  • Identify the role and impact of an individual within a community. 
  • Learn to be respectful of individuals who may identify differently. 
  • Gain confidence in the steps needed to resolve group conflict. 

Building Community

Here are some of the ways we build our pre-college community.

Social Activities

Through fun and interactive social activities, our students get to know each other and create memorable experiences. Activities include trivia, movie nights, crafts, board games, and scavenger hunts. 

Weekly Group Meetings

Weekly group meetings provide an opportunity for students to meet in small groups to discuss upcoming events, activities, and to share important announcements. Led by our program assistants, these groups also provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and address community concerns.

Saturday Outings

Saturday outings are designed to introduce students to the vibrant city of St. Louis through the many exciting sights and festivals our city has to offer. Some of the most popular St. Louis area destinations include the St. Louis Zoo, Union Station, and the Delmar Loop.

Service Project

WashU is a service-oriented community. Our students spend their free time volunteering and giving back to not just our St. Louis community, but communities around the world through a variety of campus organizations and departments. Each summer we organize a service project for our pre-college students to participate in and learn the importance of giving back to their community. 

These past few weeks at Washington University have been both a fun and eye-opening experience. I’ve had the chance to experience what college life is like as well as meet with people from all over the U.S. and the world. This program has challenged me to learn how to manage my school work and yet still find time to explore what St. Louis has to offer off campus. I will never forget the time I spent here!

―Isabellarising junior from Phoenix, Arizona

Explore our vibrant city and get to know what makes St. Louis so unique!

Summer in St. Louis