Program Resources and Publications

We’re excited to share just a few of the ways you can get to know our WashU community and learn more about our Arts & Sciences Pre-College Programs. We'll continue to add resources throughout the fall and winter, so please check back often!

Informational Flyers

Our informational flyers help students, parents, teachers, and counselors get to know our programs. These flyers include brief program details, dates, fees, and scholarship information.

Promotional Flyers

Our promotional flyers are for teachers, counselors, or organizations that wish to share information about our programs. These flyers can be printed to display on bulletin boards or distributed via email.

Why WashU Pre-College

This is a question we often hear from parents and students. Take a moment to review our "Why WashU Pre-College?" brochure to learn more about the WashU pre-college experience.



Which Program is Right for You

Our "Which Program is Right for You?" web page is a great tool for students who need assistance choosing the right program.


How can I learn more about your programs?

Throughout the fall and spring, we will be offering a series of in-person and virtual events to introduce students to our programs. All events are free to attend. 

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