greek and roman statues on display in museum

Instructor Spotlight: Maurice Gonzales

Maurice Gonzales is a fourth-year PhD student in the Classics department at Washington University in St. Louis. He received his B.A. (2018) from the University of California, Riverside, in Classical Studies, received his first M.A. (2020) in Classics from Texas Tech University, his second M.A. (2022) in Litteris Latinis et Graecis from Washington University in St. Louis. His prior teaching experiences include both running discussion sections and teaching elementary Latin to undergraduate students.

His research interests center around the last Roman verse satirist from the second-century CE, Juvenal. His Master’s Thesis, “Horatian” Juvenal and “Juvenalian” Horace: A Study of Juvenal Satire 9 and Horace Sermones 2.5, argues broadly that Juvenal’s satire has a polemical and agonistic relationship with his satirical predecessor of the late first-century BCE, Horace.
Additionally, he has written several papers for conferences about the late-republican historian, Livy, and also the imperial biographer and miscellanist, Plutarch—both of whom are primary resources for his summer institute on Roman “villainy”.

In his off time and weekends, Maurice and his husband enjoy taking long walks around Forest Park, playing Magic: the Gathering, and consuming vast quantities of sushi. Corollary to that last point, the below photo is from his first trip to the theme park, Viewland, in Miyazu, Japan in 2018.

Maurice teaches the Ancient Studies High School Summer Institute.