Prepare for College Series: Communication, Group Collaboration, and Cultural Understanding

Through our challenging and innovative programming, students develop skills that prepare them for college success, both inside and outside of the classroom. These skills serve as the foundation for all of our daily activities. This series will explore the 10 skills which are the focus of our programs.

What is communication, group collaboration, and cultural understanding?

These three skills go hand-in-hand. In college, students interact with peers, professionals, leaders, and faculty from around the world. Being able to listen to, understand, and communicate different ideas and views is an invaluable skill.  

Why are these important skills to develop in a pre-college program? 

Many aspects of college life involve having to think through and communicate information effectively, including personal thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Many times this is done in collaboration with others. This could include coursework where students have to work together in a group or a discussion based course where students’ grades are based on how they participate and communicate with their peers.

It also extends outside of the classroom and could include work, research, or other extracurricular opportunities. Adding in the fact that their peers could be from anywhere in the world with differing opinions and beliefs, having strong communication skills empowers students to fully engage with their coursework, campus, and community.  

How do we help students develop these skills? 

Our programs have many opportunities for students to practice these skills. From social activities, community engagement, and coursework, students are able to further develop these skills in multiple settings. 


Ryadah was Pre-College Coordinator from 2018-2020 and now serves as Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions at WashU.