Ancient Studies Institute

This two-week residential program is for rising high school juniors and seniors.

Who were the ancient Romans? What were their lives like? What did they care about, and what did they believe? In this institute, you will work to answer these questions and more as you examine the rich culture and literature of the ancient Romans through the lens of “villainy”. You will read historical accounts of ancient Rome and explore the great “villains” of the monarchy, republic, and empire—to name a few: Tarquinius Superbus, Lucius Catiline, Livia Drusilla, Marc Anthony, and Agrippina the Younger. As we make our way through our sources you will learn about the daily life, social structures, governments, economies, and multiple religions of Roman culture. Furthermore, you will come to see how traces of Romans (virtuous and villainous) live on today! After two weeks of interactive activities, creative projects, critical reading, and class discussions, you should leave the course with a greater understanding of three things: Roman culture broadly, the impact that this culture has on our modern world, and what constitutes a “villain” in the Roman mind across the centuries.

This program is ideal for students looking to build critical thinking and research skills while learning to appreciate the differences and similarities between the ancient and modern world.

Prerequisite: none

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